The story behind Earth to Centauri - Book Series Earth To Centauri

Earth to Centauri – The First Journey


Alpha Centauri the nearest star system to Earth has always fascinated astronomers, scientists and fiction readers. The system holds a certain mystery because despite it is being our nearest neighbour we know very little about it. The current technology limits our understanding of the twin stars. Some probes launched in the last century will still take decades to travel outside our system. They may conceivably never reach Alpha Centauri. None of the SETI programmes have as yet found evidence of intelligence life. So the question of whether we are alone in the universe may still remain unanswered for many decades to come.


Breaking a bit from traditional dystopian Science Fiction this book takes a realistic look at how first contact may happen. A signal is finally received and decoded. Building a ship capable of travelling faster than light takes years with gl oval efforts. But finally a task force lead by Captain Anara embark on the long journey to Alpha Centauri which is expected to take many months.


But what they find on Proxima B will raise more questions than give solutions. What was the secret which was hidden on Voyager 1 in 1977? Can we send unarmed & unprotected ships into interstellar space to explore the unknown? Isn’t it always that decisions taken by politicians and back-office boys affect those in the field?


Using a bit of science and engineering, the reader is taken through the journey from Earth to Proxima B on board space ship Antariksh. We explore the making of the ship, the technology used and how it could possibly work. It delves into ethical and moral dilemmas. What if artificial intelligence can be manipulated and we’d never know? It looks at xenophobia in a larger context. Would it be possible for us to let go of our fear of those who are not like us?


This book will take you on a journey like none other. Explore technology and space in an authentic and refreshing way, while dodging lasers and aliens, solving mysteries on the way.

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