A poem by Abhiram - A morning in the glade - Book Series Earth To Centauri

A different kind of post this week. A poem by a budding writer, Abhiram. In his own words:

I write. I read. I Ride. And I eat like a hog.

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A morning in the glade

In the morning mist,
I open my eyes.
And gaze upon the cloudy,
azure blue skies.
My heart flutters wildly,
looking for your trace.
For all I want to do,
is gaze upon your face.

I see you standing,
under a leafy tree.
Draped in light and shadow,
you look beautifully free.
You look so ethereal,
features misted by shade.
A Goddess in full aspect,
standing in the glade.

You turn around slowly,
on your face a smile.
My heart skips a beat,
standing still a-while.
Wonder fills my soul,
as I gaze into your eyes.
Looking into those lustrous pools,
a single eternity flies.

Your loving gaze commands me,
to rise from my rest.
I stand fast atop my feet,
stumbling in my haste.
Slowly you walk towards me,
a lovely graceful sight.
Love fills my heart,
as you glow in sunlight.

Everytime I see you,
it feels like the first time.
The roaring winds of your love,
make my heart-bells chime.
My soul is alight with fire,
as I look at you.
Your eyes shine oh so bright,
with love so pure and true.

Whistling with the wind,
your hair shines so bright.
We rush toward each other,
and hold each other tight.
How naturally you slide in,
and fit within my arms.
I feel so complete and in place,
confounded by your charms.

And then we lock gazes,
tears glazing our eyes.
Wordlessly we convey our love,
that which makes us wise.
Beneath this canopy we stand,
our love flowing unchecked.
And when you hold your hand in mine,
it feels oh so perfect.

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