12 Days of Indies - Day 1 - Book Series Earth To Centauri

Guess what time it is?

 Welcome back to the annual #OWS12DaysofIndie! This event is held every December 1st – 12th. For those of you who this is your first year, the idea of this event is that OWS Ink LLC hosts books that are on sale $2.99 or less. Several of the regular reviewers purchase one book from each day’s list giving us 12 new books for the year.

We encourage readers and book review bloggers to also participate. This is a way to build up our industry together and support one another.

And as such OWS has a couple of cool giveaways this year to encourage audience participation.

The first is for the readers. We’re doing a giveaway of our limited edition #OWS12DayOfIndieMugs.

How many we give away will be dependent on the number of entries we get. 1 mug for every 100 entries. Here are just a few samples of the mugs:

This is the Fantasy mug

And the contemporary mug

Aren’t they adorable? More are available at the shop site, just search 12 Days of Indie to see the others available.

From 0-100 entries into the raffle, we will give away 1 mug. For 101-200 entries, we will give away 2, and so on and so forth. The winner(s) will get the choice of which mug they prefer.

There are multiple things you can do for an entry each day, and you can do each of them the full 12 days of indies plus a couple of days leading up to the event, so be sure to get those entries in for a chance to win one of these awesome limited edition collectable mugs!


The second giveaway is for those who blog this event. This one is pretty cool. It is a lifetime membership to Missinglettr. For those not in the know, Missinglettr is a bloggers dream, allowing you to connect your blog posts to social media and reshare evergreen content up to 9 times throughout the year in just a few minutes. Heidi Angell uses this tool for her blog and loves the ease and the ability to set and forget.

“I can set up an author interview to be shared day of, day 3, day 7, to make sure people see it when it is fresh, and then schedule 6 more times throughout the year. I always tag the authors on each platform so that when it comes back up, they typically re-share. Missingletter is great because it allows you to create different taglines and use different images for the reshares so that it feels like fresh content every time someone sees it. I’ve been using it about a year, and have seen it give new life to evergreen content and increase my visibility by 1,000 views per post on average.”

This membership normally costs $9.99 a month, but you are getting a lifetime membership absolutely free. There are several tasks you can do to enter the giveaway each day, and they can be done every day of the event. If you are not on WordPress but would like to reblog the lists each day, please contact Heidi Angell at Hangell@ourwrieside.com and she can forward you the prepared lists.


Who’s excited about this year’s event? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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